7 pet peeves in the beauty blogging world (sorry)

Whilst not trying to be completely negative, they're obviously things that annoys everyone, and while I could totally go along with the nicey-nicey personality facade that a lot of beauty bloggers do, that's definitely not me. So here are a few things that bug me in the beauty blogger world and I hope not to offend anyone too badly...

1. Being able to tell when a blogger has been sent free make-up, not because they've mentioned it in their writing, but because of how suck-ass they are! Now we've all had that product that we really do absolutely love, go back to and want everyone in the world to try out - but no one is really that passionate that they mention how amazing and friendly the brand themselves are every other sentence - unless it's because the brand is working brilliantly ethically, or they've been sent it, for free. Whilst there's nothing wrong with receiving products for free, the whole point of reading beauty blogs to get an honest opinion of products and determining whether they're worth the money too! I tend to find smaller bloggers the best place to find honest reviews, but that's just my opinion!

2. Pop up's asking me to 'subscribe' before I've even had chance to read any of the blog itself - sometimes I just close the box, read the blog post, and maybe decide to subscribe later if I really love the content, but most of the time I'll just close the tab because it annoys me, (totally dramatic, I know, but true).

3. 'About me' pages in third person. That's all.

4. Swatches - now I really think this might be the 'unpopular opinion' of the lot because people seem to love swatches, but for me there is nothing worse as a part of a make-up review than to see someone's arm with different eyeshadow colours smeared across it - there's just something about it that looks unhygienic (maybe I'm weird..) and it's so unnatural! I'm never going to apply the eyeshadow on my tiny, little eyelid like that, and the skin on your arm is very different to the skin on your face anyway so the colour isn't particularly true either! - However I do waver on the swatches, neatly done, clean and clear looking like the Kylie Jenner lip colour swatches she posts on her Snapchat pretty regularly, because I can understand, it's a quick and easy way to see the colour pay off, although I'm still not a huge fan.

5. When I'm going to leave a comment on a blog to notice that they don't reply to any comments on their own blog posts. I understand people are busy, but doesn't it just seem rude?!

6. Bloggers that focus more on the photography than the writing/reviews itself. I studied photography when I was back in college so of course I think it's important, and it really is... But I came to your review, for the review. I want to know exactly how you found the product to be to see what I should spend my money on, that's what you're writing for, right?!

7. Finally, and continuing from the last point, is purely bad reviews. Beauty bloggers specifically are the place I turn to before buying any beauty product whether it's make-up, skincare or hair care, so I want to know about the product I'd searched your blog for. I've read so many reviews, especially recently, where the entire blog post is simply, 'ya I bought this, and well it didn't work for me but if you have dryer skin I guess it could work for you'... I'm not learning anything new from you, and it just makes you look like a lazy writer. A good review really is worth the time and energy you put into it to help others out, be trusted as a beauty writer and because, apparently, it's your passion!

There are so many amazing things about the beauty blogging community and I really love finding new blogs and reading good reviews, and seeing incredible make-up looks, but I hope you enjoyed reading a few things I really wish we could change together.


  1. I related so much with this post. I loved reading it.

    Lisa | Soho Stripes

  2. I agree with the overly positive reviews and ones that are focused on photography, like sometimes you want to see more detail in how the product really performs. Saying that, on my latest post I have done eyeshadow swatches because I wanted to show the various shades :) x

    Velvet Blush

    1. Yeah definitely! Oh I can completely understand why people like to see them, just a preference of mine! Thanks for reading ♡♡


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