Benefit's 'They're Real!' mascara review

Hello, today I'm reviewing the 'They're Real!' mascara from Benefit, the UK's No.1 selling mascara! I've previously tried a smaller sample of the same mascara but this is my first full tube. You can buy this from Debenham's for £20.50 - I bought a few mascaras around this price but I've never really been convinced it's a worthy price of a mascara...

First Impressions

I absolutely love the look of the packaging, anything shiny and I'm pretty much a winner but it is frustrating how easily it gets fingerprints all over it. Being a graphic design student, seeing well-designed product packaging really is something that makes me happy seeing it in my makeup bag in the morning, so that's always going to be a bonus for me. The wand is a pretty nice size, it's quite long and thin, with a ball on the end that collects more product - good for ensuring the product has reached the lashes in the corner easily. The application process with this specific wand is always nice and easy, I never really make any mistakes with it either. 

Using the product

The consistency of the formula is quite thin in comparison to other mascaras, which means it glides on nicely, and that really hasn't changed in the six months I've been using it either which really impressed me. It also doesn't dry out throughout the day, it doesn't flake off or bulk up either - I feel this is due to the thinner feel of the mascara itself too. I do have quite sensitive eyes and usually end up itching my eyes a lot throughout the day when I'm wearing certain mascaras, so I was really surprised that I haven't reacted at all to this.

Benefit claims that this mascara will give you 'lashes beyond belief', adding 'dramatic' length and volume. I almost feel like this statement is the only thing that lets the mascara down really, simply because I don't feel it's true - but since I wear a lot of fake lashes, I wonder if this is much more apparent to someone who just wants that little bit extra. If I'm not wearing fake lashes, this is actually the mascara I reach for when I want to achieve a more natural look. It creates a lovely layer of mascara, making them look more curled (even without curling beforehand), and definitely gives them more volume and length. It does clump up a little, but this can be fixed by running through a clean wand while it's still wet to separate them - not ideal if you're a no-fuss, no-clump kind of makeup user. It's also difficult to layer so what you get with your first layer, is what you're going to get. I definitely really appreciate this for a more natural look for me - but feel as though the name and description is a little misleading for the product.

What I really love this mascara for, is for applying mascara after I've applied my lashes. The thinner formula means that it blends my natural and false lashes together really nicely - the domed-end ensures I can get more product at the ends of my lashes so you don't see any harsh edges, and I can apply a small amount of mascara with the main section of the wand to the longer parts of my lashes so they look more like natural eyelashes too.


I've been impressed with the durability of this mascara since using it, it doesn't smudge or wear off and still looks intact by the end of the night. I've never had a problem with the durability of this mascara and I guess that's part of the reason people feel happy to spend just over £20 for a single tube of mascara, but there's definitely cheaper mascaras on the market that last just as long. 

Final Thoughts

I have mixed feelings about the Benefit 'They're Real' mascara because as much as I really love the thinner formula, lasting ability and the fact it doesn't affect my sensitive eyes, I'm very weary about the price. For just less than a quarter of the price of this mascara, the '
Extra Super Lash Mascara' by Rimmel, is one that I feel is really similar for £4.99. I feel as though I'd happily pay the £20.50 if I'd never tried this specific one from Rimmel, because as a whole, my eyes don't react well to an awful lot of mascaras, including others by Rimmel, (but of course, I'd much rather pay the £4.99 now I have). I'd still recommend the Benefit mascara - but I also suggest you tried the cheaper dupe first.

Price point: ££
Packaging: ★★★★★
Application: ★★★★☆
Durability: ★★★★★
Value: ★★★

(This blog post was not sponsored and the products mentioned were bought as a gift from a family member.)

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