MUA Luxe Velvet 'Colour Enhance Lip Lacquer' Review ♡

Hey! Today I'm going to talk about and review the MUA Luxe 'Velvet Colour Enhance Lip Lacquer' This is a product I had't heard anything about before so when I came across it on the Superdrug website, I was intrigued. I've previously used a few products from MUA, and currently still use and like their eyeshadow primer. This, is a white lip base, that promises to enhance the colour of your lip shades for only £3 a tube.

First Impressions

It's not very often that I don't really research my makeup before buying, or have at least used something similar but since it was pretty much just a 'ah I'll add that to my basket' kind of buy, I really didn't know what to expect... There's not really any instructions with this, and I couldn't find any online on their website either, so I wasn't entirely sure whether it was made for lipsticks or liquid lips so I tried it with both and hoped for the best!

Using the product

The packaging is pretty similar to MUA's lip lacquers, it's smart, pretty and doesn't look too cheap even for the price. 
I've not been overly convinced with this product using liquid lips (again, not even sure if that's the intended use) until I used it with a lipstick... More specifically, a cheap, £1 lipstick I could never get to work properly. I bought the 'Atomic Green' lipstick from Revolution a while back, but it always looked patchy - I don't have a lip liner that matched the colour since Revolution didn't do their own the same colour and I just never got around to finding another match. I'd lost faith in the lipstick completely but kept it around purely because I loved the colour. I really expected it to be just as patchy but with a white underlay, but because of the matte finish to the base coat, it made the cheaper lipstick suddenly work perfectly. I've been trying it out with other lipsticks I own, including the cheaper ones I've collected and it's worked for all of those too, creating a gorgeous, smooth and pigmented coverage of my lip shade.

I'm not entirely sure it 'enhanced' the colour overly, other than the obvious enhancement of making them a solid colour, but it did make all the tiny metallic flecks in certain lipsticks much more prominent so that was a definite positive that I saw instantly. You really only need one thin layer of product too, one dip into the tube is enough for one use so I feel like it's going to last a long time too. 


I only ever really use liquid lips if I'm leaving the house, purely because they last a lot longer for me, whereas lipsticks I've used seem to either wear off or just don't have a strong enough pigment for me. Being a student I have quite a small budget too, so good liquid lip colours are just a cheaper that good lipsticks in my experience. But I do have a few I've collected just from loving the colour and wanting to give the particular brand a try, so I was super happy that I finally had a solution to all the lip shades I'd been wanting to play with for so long.

Turns out, this magic little lip product makes them last all day too. The smallest layer has turned my lipstick coverage into the same lasting power that my liquid lips have had for a long time. It also didn't dry out my lips, and it wasn't difficult to take off once I'd got some cleanser on a cotton pad on it!

Final Thoughts

This is the first product in a long time that's really surprised me, not because of the price, but because of how it really worked alongside other products I owned. I feel like this £3 tube is going to save me a lot of money now I can finally get the cheaper lip colours to work on my lips. It also makes a great opportunity to try out different colours in cheaper versions before spending lots of money on a lip colour that just doesn't suit my complexion, (yellow lipstick, I'm looking at you) 

Price point: £
Packaging: ★

Application: ★★★★☆
Durability: ★★★★★
Value: ★★★

(This blog post was 
not sponsored and the products mentioned were bought from my own money!)

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