A review on the Kat Von D, 'Lock-It' foundation

The ever so famous 'Lock-It' foundation by Kat Von D has been at the top of my wishlist for what seems like forever. Having shade Snow White skin, it's one of those full-coverage foundations that is always recommended to me and does always seem to look great in photos of other beauty girls online. It costs £27 from Debenham's in the UK, but thankfully I stumbled upon a sale, and paid £21 for mine. I've paid around this price mark plenty of times before for foundations, my favourite for a while being the Clinique 'Anti-Blemish Solutions' foundation also for £27 from Boots, so it's not out of the question for me to pay this - but without a sample, or even shade-matching before using for the first time, it does seem like a lot of money. I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with Kat Von D products, I use the Shade of Light eyeshadow palette every single day, but the Tattoo Liner that everyone raved about, just crumbled or smeared off my eyes in just a few hours. I've owned the 'Lock-It' foundation, alongside the Lock-It primer for over six months now so I thought this would be a great time to review.

First Impressions 

So basics first, the packaging is well thought out and of course, aesthetically pleasing. The outer packaging has been given a little change, it's now resembling something closer to the Kylie Lip Kit packaging and a little less like Kat Von D, in my opinion; I much preferred the older packaging style but it still looks pretty good on my vanity. It's in a bulky, clear tube that just feels like quality. The bottle itself is pretty interesting, it has an 'innovative airless chamber', that apparently, 'prevents contamination and maintains Lock-It's rich consistency', (Source: KVD), which is a pretty great idea for a foundation of this cost, and one that is not necessarily an everyday foundation for a lot of people. The pump pushes out the same amount of product every time, which is enough for one full covering of the face, which you can then repeat if you want even more coverage. The bottom of the dispenser also rises up, (similar to certain toothpaste tubes), so you can easily see when you're running out rather than trying to determine this by weight. You get 30ml per bottle which is the same amount as the Clinique foundation I mentioned earlier, for the same price. 

The product itself is thick and creamy, a little definitely goes far and it can be used in several different ways to get different results. I'd read online through beauty blogs and forums that it works best when using it with the KVD Lock-It primer too, so I spent the extra money to make sure I purchased these both together. I've used full coverage foundations before but this one really just goes above and beyond as far as coverage is concerned. I have a lot of issues with my skin so finding something that covers my blemishes and redness that is also pale enough for me has been pretty difficult over the years. 

Using the product 

This definitely covers most of my problem areas and can build up for a really flat-toned coverage which is really what I wanted from this foundation so I can add my own contour and highlight over the top. I feel as though this is a pretty complicated foundation to use, in that it can be quite difficult to apply - from my own experience and reading other reviews, it seems you really have to find the best way of applying this for you and your own skin type. The main downside of this product for me, is that it really depends on how my skin is doing on that particular day - it clings to dry areas and brings more attention to the blemishes I want to hide, but separates in oily areas if I don't continue to blot the foundation throughout the day/night. I don't really have this problem at all if my skin is in good condition, but then I have less of a need to use a full coverage foundation, so I only really use this now for nights out, or if I'm in a full-face of makeup kind of mood. I'd never really use this for just going to uni/work/shops - which isn't a complete downside. I now use the Maybelline Fit Me foundation for everyday use which is really quite cheap, and the KDV Lock-It foundation when I'm feeling fancy, and it's nice to have this change.


Real Techniques Expert Face Brush


I thought using the Expert Face Brush would be pretty successful since I've loved the coverage it had given me with other foundations of a similar consistency, but it applied this particular foundation too heavily, making it cling the dry areas and look cakey. 

Makeup Revolution Advanced Complexion Expert


Using a wet sponge to apply this foundation has so far been my most successful and therefore my most used application technique for this foundation. The formula is very thick and full of coverage, meaning the best way to get the best coverage is to apply in thin layers which I find really easy using this technique.

Using clean fingers to apply


I don't really tend to like to apply foundation with my hands myself anymore but in all fairness I've found this a really great way to apply this foundation, using dabbing movements only, using swiping movements with this foundation just makes it collect in places on my uneven skin. The only downside to this is that it really does take forever - I think the results can be even better than using a wet sponge, but I just don't have the patience! 


The durability of this really is as good as you hear - once it's on, and set, it lasts all day and all night. For my skin, blotting throughout the day really is key to keeping it look great. The foundation has a matte finish so you don't need to add a heavy powder, just some translucent powder or setting powder is really all you need to make sure it doesn't transfer. I haven't' noticed a change in the colour throughout the day either, which is a huge bonus for me. I never have to reapply, so aside from the blotting, there's really no upkeep or worrying about this until the end of the day.

Final Thoughts

I've been both impressed and disappointed with this product since purchasing for the first time. I was looking for a full coverage foundation that I could wear every single day, but since it works depending on my skin situation each day, that hasn't really happened. I really do enjoy using this foundation though when the rest of my makeup is bit heavier. It's the first full-coverage foundation I've found that actually comes in my skin colour so that's a huge positive. I definitely think I'll be buying it again once I've run out, but I also think I'll be waiting for the next sale to come on too. I wouldn't say the foundation was really worth £27 itself, but since we pay for the name too I guess that it's expected. Definitely worth having in your collection if you're a pale face like me - be sure to have a good setting powder and contour makeup on site too though! 

Price point: ££
Packaging: ★★★

Application: ★★★★☆
Durability: ★★★★★
Value: ★★★★★

(This blog post was not sponsored and the products mentioned were bought with my own money!)


  1. I got colour-matched at my local Debenhams and it looked awesome. Cut to 5 mins later when I'm back in natural lighting and the girl had got it so wrong!! She also mixed it with primer to help hydrate my skin. It didn't hydrate it at all and the foundation slid off my face :( I won't be buying any after that!! xx


    1. Oh wow! I was just fortunate that I happened to match the colour I'd chosen online - it was an educated guess but still a guess either way. I don't have anywhere close by that matches this specific foundation so I struggled there. Yeah I keep hearing that people mix it in with the Lock-it primer for hydration but since the foundation in silicone based and the primer is water based, it's not designed for that at all.

      It's been more of an effort than most to get to the stage where I actually like this foundation so I completely agree with you!♡♡


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