Is the world of beauty blogging dying out?

I remember a time, few years ago, when beauty blogging was the big deal of the online beauty community; beauty YouTuber's were kind of few and far between and there definitely wasn't the Instagram make-up community either. Photo's of the blogger themselves wearing the make-up was always pretty natural, and even swatches weren't a 'necessity' at this point. You could be a beauty blogger at any age, have a pretty low-skill in photography and design, and still be a blog worth reading just based on your opinions alone.

I feel like things have changed over the past few years - I've always searched for bloggers' opinions before buying any beauty product for the honest opinion rather than the bias description on store websites; but now they seem much harder to find, and one's I do, don't seem as invested as they once used to.

Can you really trust a beauty blogger?

Of course, before blogging, there were magazines. Magazines that talked beauty, and praised products they were paid to promote; and so, blogging was born, a way for 'normal' people to discuss their make-up and skincare products and be completely and sometimes brutally honest about the good and bad points about the products they're using. You could find bloggers with similar skin types or budgets to you to find a more credible source, for you. But then came along the free products, sponsors and partnerships with brands to encourage a whole array of 'normal' people to jump on the 'beauty blogger' trend. 

Of course this doesn't mean that writers aren't completely honest, but you do have to put into perspective that a blogger might be much more inclined to write a positive review if they've received their product in the post for free, or that the company themselves have 'noticed' them, because you naturally would just feel a little excited and giddy, whoever you are! You should also bear in mind that more often than not, you're expected to write your review within two weeks of receiving the product - and sometimes (not always) that's not long enough to write a true review on a beauty or skincare product. You might know within a few days that the new liquid lipstick you've got your hands on isn't particularly easy to apply or appears dry and cracked in a few hours of wear - but that's not necessarily the same as a skincare product that could work wonders for the first month, but then starts to stop working, or a hair growth supplement that claims to work in 2 months anyway, (I'm sure we've all seen that one floating around).

This obviously doesn't mean that all beauty writers shouldn't be trusted; they're plenty of brilliant, honest writers that really know what they're talking about and have fantastic blogs for you to read - but it definitely makes a task to sort through blogs until you find one you like and trust.

Do people still want to read in-depth reviews on their beauty products?

It's one thing having trust in the person writing the review from the other side of the screen- but is it all even necessary? Do people still want to read long-written reviews, do they just want to know something works, quick and to the point. I know I'd still opt for a review that someone has taken the time to sit and write, but maybe more so because my skins a little tricky to find products that work for me. But I've definitely had to adapt my way of writing since I first wrote about beauty 5 or 6 years ago, saving long-winded posts for more conversational articles and using quick star charts to rate beauty items so my message can be read much quicker if my readers chose.

Is the fun of beauty blogging dying out too?

Something else that's much more apparent nowadays in comparison to 5 years ago, is the emphasis with 'working with companies', sponsorships and getting stuff for free. Of course this still happened a few years back, and I remember one particular blogger that only ever seemed to write about sponsored posts, similar to a lot more bloggers now. But then I sometimes get the impression that people are only writing about products to say they're a blogger and should receive free makeup, reviews are half-arsed and when people realise that 'blogging' isn't just about the freebies, they give up. 

The other side to this is YouTube. It's a lot easier and worthy for some people to make videos rather than blog posts, and people seem to want to watch videos more often too. I know that I've heard about products simply through watching videos, it's fun to see people's personalities and live makeup looks through a video whereas blog posts can sometimes seem a bit flat, and badly written. I can also see why it'd be a lot more fun to make and edit a creative video, so does that mean that beauty blogging is simply dying out, or is it something worth fighting for? 

What's next for beauty writing? 

In a world where YouTube, Instagram and Snapchat are just easier to access than a beauty blog, where can we bloggers go next to keep our space alive? I know a lot of people still search for blog reviews when looking to buy a specific product, especially ones they're going to be spending a lot of money on, so I really think it'd be a shame for us all to give up completely, but is there something we can do to ensure we keep our readers remember our blogs and coming back for more?

How can we go the extra mile to be the best source for information? Better photography? Endless looks we can create with one single product? Ensuring we can consistently well-written posts? I'd really love to know what you think - comment below if you think YouTube is just going to be the better source, or whether we can up our game and how?

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  1. Aw such a great post! I think we must think out of the box, finding new ways to express ourselves and keep creating and curating our magical little spaces on the internet <3 never sacrificing any of its beauty to appease brands or gain followers, I think that is the way for blogging :D xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara
    (lets follow each other on bloglovin or instagram)


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