The Lazy Girls Guide To Makeup

Hello everyone! We've all seen endless tutorials online on how to work your full-coverage foundations, contour and how to get the perfect lip using 6 different products... But today's post is one for the lazy people out there, like me. I'm the furthest from a 'morning person' that a person can be, and morning starts are definitely not the time for me to spend an hour doing my makeup. Or maybe you're just looking for a few tips on how you can do minimal makeup for school, or even if you're a beginner - hopefully, this will be a good help for all of you! 


Tip 1: Opt for a thinner foundation over a thicker one! That might seem pretty obvious, but it took me years to start finding foundations that covered my acne and didn't cause it to get worse. I now have a thicker foundation for nights out or when I know I'm going to be having my photo taken, (Kat Von D's Lock It Foundation), and a thinner foundation for everyday use, and especially for early mornings, (Maybelline Fit Me Liquid Foundation).

Tip 2: Experiment with different application methods and find what works best for those mornings you really can't be bothered! Some liquid foundation brushes are awesome for a full, even coverage... But take time. I usually go for a damp beauty blender because it never really creates harsh lines and you can blend evenly in seconds. This is also a method that works well for oily skin so you're less likely to have to blot throughout the day!

Tip 3: Just use concealer! If you're lucky enough to have no to little acne, just dab a little concealer on blemishes or under eye circles you want to cover. If you fix with a little translucent powder you could even make it last all day too!

Tip 4: If you've found a thicker, full coverage foundation that you love and can't find a thinner formula, use half the amount of the foundation you would usually use, and combine with the same amount of primer. This keeps a majority of the coverage power, but makes it 10x easier to blend! It also saves your money a little too if you have a pricier foundation!


Tip 1: My favourite lazy eye makeup trick is to use one palette for your shadow, liner and brows all in one. I like to use the Shade and Light eye palette from Kat Von D Beauty, even on a non-lazy day, but any matte nude palette would work too!

Tip 2: For a simple eyeshadow look, just use a little bit of bronzer in the crease! This is still one of my favourite lazy looks, especially with a little touch of highlight in the inner corner of your eye too for an extra glow.

Tip 3: Take a flat eyeshadow brush, and using the flat edge of the brush to apply brown or black shadow around your eyes, like a liner. This just makes your eyes seem to open up a little without any real effort! Use a matte eyeshadow that matches your skin colour underneath if you have oily eyelids to avoid the darker shadow transferring.

Tip 4: Only wear eyelashes! This isn't much of a hack if you aren't a total natural at applying false eyelashes, but if you are, and you're still pretty lazy, it's a great way to make you look a little more alive!

Tip 5: If you're in a rush - don't apply liquid liner, unless you're an absolute pro at it. You just know that's the time it'll all go horribly wrong and you'll make yourself late trying to fix it and still turn up to class/work with less than perfect makeup.


Tip 1: Just use a small amount of rosehip oil. Using lip balm can mix with any makeup that has already gotten onto your lips, whereas the oil will dissolve it all instead and still keep your lips nice and soft!

Tip 2: Find a neutral lip tone for you, and keep it pretty light. A natural look always seems to look better with a slight touch of colour, but it's totally not necessary.

Tip 3: Just add a touch of highlight to your cupids bow to give the effect of doing something to your lips without actually having to bother with any lip colour!

Hope you enjoyed reading! Let me know if you have any tips for an early start or a lazy day too in the comments below or on Twitter, @inasensebeauty ♡♡

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