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Hello! I've been looking for a way to introduce myself to this little blog area, I had a long while away and now I'm back I feel as though must have a few different readers that weren't here before! I thought I'd share 50 different facts about me, so here we start...

1. My name is Shannon Woodfield 

2. I don’t have a middle name 

3. I am 20 years old (born 1997) 

4. I’m so pale my family say I’m ‘transparent’ and I use fake tan to bring me to ‘normal colour’ but people still make comments about how pale I am 

5. When I was 7 years old I started my first website where my mum helped me take photos of my hair and playing around with make up just for fun.

6. I grew up obsessed with rock music 

7. I played violin for 4 years but gave up when my teacher wouldn’t teach me ‘Pure Morning’ by Placebo 

8. I went to a few guitar lessons when I was 11, but gave up with my teacher and learnt almost everything I know from online tutorials and books 

9. When I was a kid my dream job was to be a writer and illustrator, and I’m now an illustrator with intentions of writing my own books one day 

10. I initially applied for A levels in English Lit, Psychology and Art&Design but when I went to my art interview I told the tutor I was dreading the other two subjects so he applied me for a full course in Art instead 

11. My first acrylic painting was a tiger when I was 12 and my mum still keeps it in the hallway to this day

12. I don’t envy anyone doing their GCSE’s, I think it was the worst time of my life 

13. I am obsessed with all animals and my life dream is to have a farm filled with rescue animals 

14. I have a rescue dog called Dex, (short for Dexter), and he’s a patterdale terrier 

15. My dog didn’t know the ‘sit’ command when we first got him and there were times he really scared me but now he’s the sweetest, kindest dog you could ever meet (and he’s little spoon when we cuddle!) 

16. When I was 10/11 my life dream was to be an artist travelling round France I solidly wrote a beauty blog from the ages of 13-17 but had to stop when I was 17 due to a really bad illness. 

17. I started this blog again when I was 19 and feel as though I’m working 100x harder on it and enjoying it more than ever. 

18. I’ve had acne for 10 years now and part of my aims for writing a beauty blog is to help other people deal with and cure their acne too. 

19. When I was 13 and reading beauty blogs, it used to make me feel really abnormal for not being able to afford all of the high-end brands that the top bloggers were writing about so whatever my income I will always write about drugstore and budget items too! 

20. I’ve never had a lot of friends, but I’ve recently realised I needed to cut out the most negative people out of my life, and now I have hardly any friends in real life. 

21. If I’m not with my boyfriend, I’m happiest when I’m working. 

22. My mums a financial advisor and I’m still pretty awful with money 

23. Getting commissions for artwork makes me so unbelievably happy even its only am really small piece 

24. My first commissioned painting was when I was 12 

25. I got the opportunity to photograph a wedding without any portfolio and it was a huge learning experience for me 

26. I’m really into palaeontology – I own a lot of dinosaur related items and books and travel often to see dinosaur related exhibitions or documentaries 

27. It took me a long time to decide what I wanted to study when I started university – I was stuck between fine art, photography, fashion/textiles, graphic design, illustration or art history. 

28. I’m currently studying Graphic Design and want to do my Masters in Illustration 

29. My favourite ever film in Monsters Inc. 

30. I really love to cook, especially for other people. 

31. I can’t follow recipes, I just make everything up as I go along from remembering flavours and it always works out pretty well 

32. I have pretty strong dyslexia but I wouldn’t let it stop me doing anything – I feel the world is so much easier for people with learning difficulties now and I’m hugely grateful for that 

33. When I first met my boyfriend I was just really surprised to meet someone so kind and selfless, I’ve known him for a year and he’s never proved my first impressions to be wrong 

34. I don’t have a plan B for if my business doesn’t work out 

35. My favourite comfort food is home cooked lasagne – the microwave stuff just offends me 

36. I used to be a little pretentious when it came to my art work, but I kind of admire the confidence I had… 

37. My two all-time favourite songs are Lightning Crashes – Live and Hedonism – Skunk Anansie 

38. I can not wait to have kids of my own 

39. I think all the negative things that have happened throughout my life have just made me kinder and more understanding 

40. I love watching conspiracy theories online …even if I think most of them are crazy 

41. I’m really into crime documentaries – me and my mum watch them together every single week 

42. I’ve moved house 18 times and we’ve always made it feel like home 

43. I’d really love to start putting out recipes of my own on here but I’m not entirely sure this is the place for it – I’ll figure it out someday though! 

44. I really try to be nice to everyone I meet – even the people that piss me off, I always think it’s worth it to stay happy in front of other people 

45. I love playing video games but I’m awful at all of them 

46. I read a TON of nonfiction/information books but not so many fiction books 

47. My grandma graduated in her 60’s and she’s an inspiration for me to never stop learning 

48. I feel completely lost if I don’t work on stuff for my blog in a few days – even if I’m travelling for other work, to see family or on holiday, I’ve always got to be working on it 

49. I don’t tell people that I know in ‘real life’ about my blog and as far as I know, only one friend and my boyfriend actually knows about it 

50. I make art almost every single day – I make paintings, illustrations, photography work and jewellery. One day I’d love to design and make clothing too.

Hope you enjoyed reading these, and feel free to share facts about yourself in the comments section so I can learn about you too!

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