My favourite colour-palette? Technic's 'Electric Beauty' eyeshadow palette review

Hello! Today I'm really excited to be reviewing the 'Electric Beauty' eyeshadow palette from Technic. I've mentioned before that I think it's really important to use and review cheaper beauty products on my blog for all the readers, like me, that have spent years reading about products I simply just couldn't/can't afford. Technic is a great brand that I've used for years. They're completely cruelty-free, and some of their products are vegan too if that's something you want to look out for. The best thing, they're prices are incredible. I first purchased the 'Electric Beauty' for £3.46, now £2.20 from Technic on Amazon

First Impressions

I was really excited when I first saw this palette; a vivid, brightly coloured palette with a small price tag! The colour selection in the palette is really interesting to me. The left side of the palette is yellows, oranges and pinks; whilst the right side of the palette are much cooler tones, with four blues, a purple and one green. The layout of the colours sparks inspiration in how you can use this palette in different ways because you see straight off how the colours work next to each other. I definitely noticed straight off a few different ways I could create colourful eye looks without having to use other palettes I own too, which surprised me for a coloured palette! 

Using the palette

The Electric palette comes with a flat eyeshadow applicator, which I'm sorry to say, I actually really like. It's great for packing on the colour, to then blend out using a blending brush afterwards. Just one touch with a fluffy shadow brush picks up a really great amount of pigment, the colours are just as intense as you'd hope they would be looking at the palette, and it's so easy to blend too. 

The biggest downside for me is that the packaging is pretty basic; a black plastic that doesn't exactly scream luxury and a fairly basic design on the lid too. This, of course, doesn't affect the product, but as a graphic designer, the packaging really matters to me and I really wish this was a tad nicer. My last bugger with this palette is that there isn't an awful lot of product in each little dish of colour. As I said before though, you really don't need much for each look - but it is a little annoying. I've had the same Kat Von D Light & Shade palette for almost a year, using it almost every day in that time, whereas I had used my first palette of this little colourful beauty for about a month and a half before hitting pan for the first time. Just for a comparison. 


Surprisingly, the eyeshadows ability to last is pretty amazing. The colour stays vivid throughout the day, beginning to fade towards the end of the work day, but still, stands pretty strong. The colour pay off seems pretty intense rather quickly, but I do like to pack on the colour in the places I want it to be the most vivid to make sure it does stay, and it definitely abides by this. The only time I've had a problem with this is the colour fading in the corner on my eye where it waters often. I've talked about this before, my biggest issue when it comes to makeup, but often, a great test to see how it holds up. Thankfully, it just fades, rather than becoming a colourful smeary mess across my face - and for that alone, I have to give it some credit.

Final Thoughts

My final thoughts on this palette alone are so positive that I actually surprised myself. There are a few minor issues, but of course, the price point definitely makes up for those and I can't help but feel as though I really stumbled across a great buy finding this on Amazon. Looking at the colours online, I wondered whether I would be able to wear these colours on a daily basis, or whether I'd just use them for a few more exciting eye looks on Instagram, but I've been wearing these quite regularly since my first palette arriving. The colours look great both on camera, and in person - them not being too vivid that it's all you see in real life, but vivid enough to make a stand once photographing. I couldn't ask for a better combination. The other great thing about the palette, is the small size, meaning it's perfect for travelling with, and since I'm travelling every single week and trying to pack lightly when it comes to makeup, this is a huge advantage for me. 

I'll definitely be buying it again when I hit pan on my latest one - and would recommend it as a great step in for beginners, and an exciting treat for more experienced makeup users too. This is one of those products that proves you really don't have to spend loads to get a look that you like. There's always cheaper makeup that's waiting to be used and tested - and won't get an awful feeling in your stomach if it's not something you pick up daily.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read this post, I really hope I gave you some interesting aspects on one of my favourite cheaper alternatives to a bright, colourful eye palette!

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  1. Wow these colours are gorgeous but maybe a bit too bright for me, I wish I could pull them off!

    Lauren x Huggled

    1. Yeah they're pretty amazing! I was kinda surprised how natural they looked to say they're so vivid, I know that doesn't make much sense but definitely something worth trying if you like the look of them!xxx


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