When to save and spend on makeup...

Hello! One of my goals when I started a blog, was to save you money. I love testing out and reviewing new makeup, but I also want to spend as little as possible. Just because a blush or a primer is £30, it really doesn't mean you're getting a real difference from a £5 version of the same thing - I feel I have a lot of experience with this and wanted to share my own tips. I'm wanting to start a kind of mini-series about saving money when it comes to both beauty and blogging, so I thought I'd start here with a list of makeup where it's really worth it to splurge out on a little, and where it's best to get saving!

Where to save on makeup...

♡ Nail polishes - I actually tend to buy a cheaper colour polish and spend more on the base and top coats just to ensure I'm getting the protection and the shine that I want!
♡ Primers - Now I'm not sure everyone will agree with me on this but if you're big for saving money like me, I definitely feel this is one to follow. I have tried budget, drugstore, and high-end primers and I've always gone back to the same primer - W7's 'Prime Magic', for £3.23 on Amazon.
♡ Eyebrow products - I've filled in my eyebrows for around 6/7 years now, I used to pull the hairs on my brows out during stress and it's only been the last year or so that I've had my full brows back again, so as you can imagine, I've spent a lot of time and money trying out different brow products, and for the past two years I swear by using eyeshadow with a flat eyeshadow brush. It's the easiest, quickest and you don't have to spend any more money buying brow products! Another great cheaper alternative is the W7 'Brow Bar', 4 shades for £3.25.
♡ Eye-shadow palettes or pots - When you're trying out a new shade, or simply if you want to try out or review a smaller and/or less expensive brand
♡ Neutral lip colours - I'm not going to lie, I do like to spend a lot of lip colours... I buy a lot, use a lot and love my more expensive ones too, but when I was younger and didn't have too much money, or when I was in school or jobs that didn't want you to wear heavy makeup; I'd just pick up a lip colour that was quite close to my natural lip colour just to hide foundation/concealer/highlight that had gotten onto my lips. For neutral colours, use a thin layer on balm underneath, then you can just apply a teensy bit on the centre on your lips and dab it out with your finger. This works well enough to bring a look together but you can easily use extremely affordable lip colours for this! You can also do this with reds and purples too for a more neutral look but with brighter products. 
♡ Brush cleaner - I honestly think spending a lot on an expensive brush cleaner is just a waste of time. Revolution do really great brush cleaners, I use both their solid and liquid brush cleaners and they're both pretty amazing.
♡ Powder foundation - Even still, I think nothing can beat the trusty 'Stay Matte' powder foundation from Rimmel; both price wise and durability!
Mascara - This is a bit of an iffy one that I wasn't quite sure where to place, because for years I've spent more on a mascara because I have such sensitive eyes, but in the past 6 months I've actually gone back to the 'Extra Super Lash' by Rimmel. It's an oldie, but I think it's the best mascara I've ever used, and a quarter of the price of a lot of others I've used for only £4.99. So I reckon that's a bargain.

Makeup to invest on... 

♡ Foundation - I have to say, I tend to find that you have to spend a bit more on your foundation unless you already have flawless skin or want a sheer coverage. One single great cheaper foundation is Maybelline's Fit Me foundation, but I've found that I tend to stick to the higher priced ones because they just work so much better to cover and help with my acne-prone skin. Find one that's right for you, but don't be scared to spend a little more when it comes to a foundation.
♡ Eyeshadow palettes - Ones that you're going to use every day anyway! A more expensive palette like the KVD Light & Shade palette is just going to last you longer and provide the colour pigment you want to create an eye look easily every day. Definitely worth it.
Out-there lip colours - Honestly, if you're looking for a dark or bolder colour, you want to delve in the more expensive ranges. Sure, not all expensive products work as well as you want them to, but a cheap blue lip for example just doesn't tend to work out well. - Although I am determined to find one so you never know, I might just be finding a great one to review pretty soon! - A great cheaper dark purple lip colour in the Salvation lip lacquer from Revolution that I reviewed, here (x).

So I hope this was extremely helpful for you to know when and where to save, maybe even you've taken a few suggestions of cheaper products that you can try out. I was really surprised writing this up because I really thought I'd be recommending more products for you to save on but when I was researching and thinking about it more carefully, I really do think this is the way to go! Hope you enjoyed reading, let me know if you agree/disagree or have any more tips in the comments below or on twitter @inasensebeauty!

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