Soap & Glory's 'Supercat'
liquid pen liner review

Photos were taken and edited by me, (Shannon Woodfield), 2017.

I first bought the 'Supercat' liquid pen liner from Soap & Glory because I was looking for an alternative to the ever so famous, 'Tattoo Liner' from Kat Von D Beauty. After spending £16 on an eyeliner that just smeared off in seconds, there was no chance I was going to spend even nearly that much again. I came across the Supercat liner in Boots - I'd never tried anything from the Soap & Glory brand before and hadn't even heard of the Supercat liner, but went for it for £6.

First Impressions

I loved the packaging. I love the packaging of all the Soap & Glory stuff and being a graphic design student, this is a big win for me as I do like anything that looks good in my makeup bag. It's also a bit bigger in size than the Tattoo Liner, which I actually prefer as I find it easier to hold. It's lightweight and easy to maneuver too.

Using The Liner

I was really quite impressed first using this.  The point-tip is sharp, making it easy to create a clean, crisp line. The felt tip is soft and shaped to create either a natural looking, thin line or a thicker line and wing easily. Whereas some pen liners can be too stiff, making it difficult to draw a straight line, the Supercat pen is the complete opposite. The pen glides easily and smoothly even over packed eye-shadow. This makes it super easy to pack in the colour - something I've found difficult with other pen liners. 

The final thing I wanted to mention was the colour. Soap & Glory claim to have a 'unique INKJET colour' system, using 'long wear pigments plus a high percentage of carbon black for intense colour release'. I'm definitely impressed when it comes to the colour pay off of the Supercat liner, it's definitely a black-black and not a watery mess or a grey-shade like other liners I've used.


The durability was the main thing I was looking for in a liquid eyeliner, I feel as though I could work with a difficult tip or consistency to the product, but all in all, it's got to last. The reason I was out looking for a new eyeliner was simply that none of the ones I had tried were working well enough for me. I have very oily lids and so use an eye primer every day, and have sometimes had issues with eyeliner because of this. My other issue is that my eyes are super sensitive, and on days that I don't wear my glasses, my eyes water a lot. 

I'd say for me that using a primer under this liner is definitely still necessary, but wouldn't expect any different. The black definitely stays a solid black and doesn't fade at all throughout the day. The product also doesn't flake or crumble off throughout the day which is something I love and really appreciate about this eyeliner, something I've found with a lot of the cheaper alternatives. 

My only real issue with this eyeliner is that it smears when my eyes water. It stays put just fine ordinarily, all throughout the day, but when my eyes water and I automatically rub my eyes, it goes everywhere. It's pretty easy to touch up, but if this is a problem for you, sometimes it's just easier to not wear it, I have to say.

Final Thoughts

Despite the eye-watering mess that I sometimes get myself in with this product, my final opinion is actually quite positive! As I mentioned before, after buying the KVD Tattoo Liner and being so disappointed, I was super surprised that I could get a much better outcome out of a product a whole lot cheaper. The coverage, formula, and pigment was a 10x better with the Supercat liner from Soap & Glory; and although I do sometimes have an issue with my eyes watering, I can kind of live with that since it lives up to every other expectation from an eyeliner. I feel as though I would happily recommend this to both beginners and more experienced makeup users alike, and will be repurchasing when this one chokes up!

Price Point: £

Packaging: ★★★★★
Application: ★★★★☆
Durability: ★★★★☆
Value: ★★★★★

Tested on animals: No!
Vegan-friendly: No - (But their other liquid eyeliner is so that might be something to look out for!)

(This blog post was not sponsored and the products mentioned were bought with my own money!)

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  1. I've never tried this one - lots of my friends have and it does sound good, I use Rimmel Colour Precise eyeliner and that works really well for me, I also have watery eyes! A great post, love the photos! x

    1. Oh yes, I bought the Rimmel Colour Precise eyeliner for my mum while she was starting out with using it because it's so easy to use and beginner friendly! Another one I really like! - I do find the Supercat one a little friendlier on my sensitive eyes though! Ah thank you so much!! xx


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