75 beauty blog post ideas for bloggers

I don't know about you, but blogging inspiration has always been an up and down for me, I've always loved the process of writing, posting and talking to other bloggers and like-minded people but ideas seems to either come at 100mph, or life gets in the way and brainstorming ideas doesn't come as easily as it otherwise has. I wrote a list of 75 post ideas all about beauty, so I hope it comes in as helpful for you!

(Not only on products but on techniques, 
beauty books other beauty blogs, etc.)
Monthly favourites
Monthly empties
Product purchases you regret
Top 5's
(Lipsticks, foundations, cosmetic brands, etc.)

Beauty wishlist
Discount beauty favourites
A face of drugstore makeup
High-end products worth buying
5 beauty items you should save your money on

5-minute makeup
Your current skincare routine
Your tips for curing damaged hair
Face of makeup in 5 products
Your makeup on a bad skin day

Products you currently love
Products you used to love
What makeup brushes you use
Your tips to the perfect home nail manicure & polish
Beauty trends you'll use & ones you hate

Your tips to the perfect eye look for beginners
Your makeup guide for lazy days (x)
Your blogger story
Your hair history
5 easy hairstyles for your office job

Habits you want to learn this year
How beauty blogging/bloggers have improved your techniques
Trying beauty hacks from Pinterest
5 beauty 'hacks' you should never do
Cheap products that work surprisingly well

3 updo hairstyles that you love
Your favourite tanning routine
Drugstore vs. high-end skincare
Your skincare history
Your acne story

Your favourite face masks
Your favourite beauty home DIY's
Natural beauty remedies you love
How much is your face worth?
Your go-to beauty tools

Beauty techniques that have changed your life
5 beauty products you've recommended irl
List of your favourite beauty bloggers/Instagrammers
Your tips for networking with other bloggers
How you edit your blog and/or Instagram photos

Makeup products you carry in your handbag
What's in your travel makeup bag?
10 smudge-proof makeup products
10 great beauty products under £10
The best-kept beauty secrets you know

How to get the perfect eyeliner wing/flick
10 makeup products for beginners
What was in your first makeup bag?
How you got into makeup
Should you be a beauty blogger?

The negatives to beauty blogging
Skincare products I couldn't live without
Talk about the science behind an area in beauty
(eg. breakouts)
Reasons you should use ____
5 advantages to using ___ essential oil

Beauty haul & first impressions
5 underrated products
Your makeup collection
(You could also share just your lipstick, 
nail varnish or eye palette collections, etc.)
Products you always repurchase
Your natural or no-makeup makeup look

How you did your prom makeup
Prom / date night / wedding makeup look
How you did your makeup in high school
How to get away with wearing makeup at school
Apps every blogger needs

Gift ideas for birthday / Christmas
Free printables
(Blogger planners, wrapping paper, gift tags)
Tips for the perfect gift wrapping
Your tips for other bloggers

Hope that's a lot of help for you and you can find some inspiration from the ideas that I've shared! Feel free to comment more ideas of your own or leave links to your own blog posts inspired by this list! 


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