Wanting to take part in Blogmas this year? Here's 50 post ideas to get you started

December is almost here and I'm getting ready for my first ever Blogmas! So I thought I'd compile a long list of Christmas related blog posts to inspire you! Of course, you don't have to only write about festive related topics, I know I'm not going to every single day, but it's definitely fun to consider these in the only time of year we can!

  1. Gift ideas for her
  2. Gift ideas for him
  3. Stocking filler ideas
  4. Romantic Christmas gift ideas
  5. Free printable wallpapers (for desktop, iPhone, iPad's)
  6. Gift ideas for makeup lovers
  7. Quick and easy Christmas recipes
  8. How to stay healthy during the festive period
  9. Alternative Christmas playlists
  10. Gift ideas under £5
  11. How to protect your skin during the colder weather
  12. Perfect Christmas makeup looks
  13. What to wear: Christmas party edition
  14. Gift ideas for the in-laws
  15. Christmas Instagram ideas
  16. Free printable gift organiser
  17. DIY gift ideas
  18. Printable wrapping paper
  19. Free Christmas blog backgrounds
  20. Free Christmas Twitter headers
  21. Gift ideas for crafters
  22. Best makeup gift sets this Christmas
  23. How to wrap your presents perfectly
  24. DIY gift wrapping accessories (bows, tags etc.)
  25. Why we are (or aren't) sharing presents this year
  26. How to nail the 'first' Christmas with your partner
  27. Gifts for children: How much and what should we buy?
  28. Gifts for babies
  29. Life in a Christmas day: How I celebrate Christmas
  30. What Christmas means to me
  31. DIY Christmas cards
  32. How to make Christmas tree decorations
  33. Christmas related sewing patterns
  34. How to save money buying presents at Christmas
  35. Practising self-love around the festive period
  36. How to not feel lonely at Christmas
  37. How to deal with Christmas when life isn't perfect
  38. Christmas vs. Disabilities
  39. Festive Instagram ideas
  40. The perfect Christmas: Everything you need when hosting at Christmas 
  41. 6 easy Christmas makeup looks
  42. Alternative or creative Christmas makeup looks
  43. Christmas bucket list
  44. Review a particular shops Christmas collection (clothes, makeup, decorations etc.)
  45. Festive cocktails (can do alcohol-free ones too!)
  46. My favourite Christmas movies
  47. The best Christmas gifts I've ever received
  48. Goals for the upcoming year 
  49. A Christmas giveaway
  50. Giving back during the Christmas holidays

Phew! Hope this helps you write your own festive blog posts this year! If you're reading a little later or want to keep an eye on my Blogmas blog posts, here's the tag! >Blogmas<

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  1. Such amazing ideas! BTW, it's October's Lallu [from Insta] ;) - Sending lots of love! <3



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