12 tips for saving money at Christmas time

The most expensive time of year is coming and if you're anything like me with birthdays also looming around in the same month, you'll be definitely wanting a few tips on how to save a few more pounds this year. Last year I totally went overboard with spending for my relatives Christmas presents, so this year I really took in all the tips I'm giving you below, and now I've completed my Christmas shopping, stuck to my budget with a few extras to spend on myself in the New Year! 

Make a budget early

Make a budget for each family member, you might want a little more in the pot for close family members but agree to only spend a tenner on further family members or friends.

Mindmapping present ideas

Mindmap ideas for Christmas gifts early. Is your mum a dog-lover? Your partner a huge fan of superhero movies? Find gifts you know they would love before buying smaller gift sets and stocking fillers to ensure you stick to the budget! This could also be used later to ensure you pick the right stocking fillers for each friend or family member.

Make arrangements with family & friends

When making plans for how much you're going to spend on each person, arrange it with them in advance! Only want to spend £10 on someone? Only doing handmade pressies this year? Tell them in advance so you both know roughly how to spend. This will avoid any confusion later on when one person offers to spend £50 and the other doesn't have that much to spend! 

This also prevents you from feeling, 'will this be enough?' and spending more money, because it's exactly what you've agreed on!

Get shopping early!

Of course, everyone has had at least one last-minute panic buy or an unorganised shopping trip, so start buying early to make sure the items you want aren't out of stock or are more expensive in the run-up to Christmas!

Online shopping

Shop online and keep items in your basket for at least one full day, then check on them and decide whether you still want or need these items. You might have thought of more ideas overnight or decide there are a few items that you don't really need in this time!

Coupon codes online 

You only have to Google, 'coupon codes for *shop name*) to find loads of codes online for the most popular shops. Some require you to spend over a certain amount, some are just free delivery or cheaper next day delivery, but some also have some pretty great deals especially around this time of year. Even if it only saves you a few quid, it's worth checking out for each store you buy from!

Sale sections first

Search in the sale section of shops first, you might find something you'd know they'd love for a little cheaper. Make sure you aren't just buying something because it's a little cheaper than usual though, rather than staying focused on shopping for certain people.

Check delivery prices 

Check the delivery prices on shops online before looking at what items they've got for sale. This prevents a surprise £6 delivery instead of a £3 one! Also look at shops that offer free delivery too, for example, Superdrug have some great stocking fillers for sale at the moment and they have free, fast delivery for all BeautyCard holders with no minimum spend limit!

Loyalty cards 

Use loyalty cards, especially when spending a lot, if you have enough you can use the points to get a few extra last minute gifts or even a treat for yourself when Christmas is over. Also saving up points on loyalty cards for your favourite shops, such as Boots and their Advantage Card system, throughout the year can really help you out when Christmas time is here!

Check Online 

Another great tip is to check for online prices while still in store. Yes, it's a bit of a faff but I've recently saved up to £15 on one item alone through checking online before buying in store. This also works for on-sale items, which might be the same price ordinarily online, which just gives you a little more time to think about it rather than thinking, 'oh I better get it while it's on sale'.

Tips ready for next year

Start saving from January

This is probably something you've heard over and over again, but it's something that I know I wished I did every single year by the time it gets to Christmas again. Decide roughly how much you want to spend next Christmas, and start saving a set amount right from January. 

Save away £10 a week in 2018 and you'll have £510 by Christmas Eve!

Stocking fillers & smaller gifts

Shop stocking fillers and smaller gifts in the Boxing Day & January sales, you can get some great deals on this year's gift and beauty sets! They want to sell all the sets with 2017 packaging on so it's definitely worth it if you're buying for someone who doesn't *need* the up to date products! - If they're a beauty blogger or work in that store, they might know, but I mean, who else would, really? 

Hope that saves you a little bit of money this year on your presents, and years beyond too! Comment below if you found any of these tips helpful or have some of your own that you feel needs to be shared with the world!

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  1. This is a really great post and you have given some great advice to those that struggle with money over the Christmas period. I tend to find that I'm too generous sometimes so I need to reign it in a bit!

    Love Amber | www.ambambe.com x


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