How to be a blogger when you have other commitments...

So I know it's pretty rare for people to be bloggers, alone. We're often working, studying, caring, looking after children, whatever it is. Life can be busy, so here's a few tips on becoming a blogger when you have other commitments!

1. Be nice to yourself!

When you're not blogging full-time, it can difficult to write every day and take beautiful photos that are up to par with other bloggers, whilst also making sure your design, ideas and marketing techniques are working well enough - it's a lot to do, even if 'blogging' doesn't sound like all that much. The competition is pretty high these days so it's easy to feel like you have to be perfect, or there's no point, but you don't!

Both your photography and writing will improve so don't expect perfect results straight away and in time, they will come! You've always got to be happy and open to learning new things, and whether that means you write one blog post a week at first so you can really concentrate on it and make sure it's blog-worthy, or you have the time to write 3 or 4 a week, just see how you work and it'll start to become second-nature for you.

2. Write a few posts in advance

There's been a lot of debate about 'Blogmas' recently, with people wondering whether blog posts are really going to be worth reading when the blogger has written 20 blog posts in one day while others can only write 1-2 worthwhile posts in that time, and I have to say, I do agree with the doubt. Of course, they'll be people that are talented in writing lots of quality blog posts in one go, but mass-writing can get tiring for the most of us.

So, of course, writing loads of blog posts all in one go is not really what I'm suggesting here, but writing a few posts in advance for certain periods of time, might just be a big help for you!

If you know you're about to go through a bit of a heavy time at work or school, eg. looming deadlines, a busy period of time at work, or exams, you know you might not want to prioritise all of your time, to your blog. For these times, you might want to write a few blog posts in advance. This doesn't mean you should write 30 at once, you might write one to post and one to save for later at a time, but it definitely helps for those busy periods!

3. Use a blog planner

This might be something you already do or you've most likely at least seen other people do through photos online but this tip is to use a blog planner. By this, I mean a monthly calendar to plan out when you're posting which blog posts so that you can see exactly how regularly you're posting, which genre's of posts you're publishing often and when, and it just helps you keep it clear and out of your mind. 

You can also use a little star in the corner or a colour system to see which posts you've already completed writing, taken photos for and have published. This helps me first thing in the morning when I need to prioritise what work needs to be done for the day too!

4. Checklists

There's something about lists that I've always loved, I write lists about absolutely everything from blogging ideas, motivational lists to keep me working, bucket lists, song lists ...and this list, I guess? There's something so satisfying about ticking something off your to-do list and I use these tiny little nuggets of happiness throughout my blog writing days. 

If you have a busy life, even just taking the perfect photo for a blog post is an achievement, so make it feel like one! Make a long list of all the things you need to, e.g. blog post ideas to draft up and write, research you need to do, photos you need to take; then another list for the things you've got to get done on each day. I make the effort to add even tiny elements I need to get done so it's a little boost of positivity when I've completed it!

5. Chat with other bloggers!

Sometimes blogging can seem a little lonely, especially if you've taken some time out and you're not getting the same buzz around your work or active readers and followers. Use Twitter, Instagram and Bloglovin to get socialising with bloggers again, make yourself a part of the community and you'll be surprised at how supportive and friendly even a small group of bloggers can be!

6. Don't beat yourself up if you don't stick to a schedule

This kind of becomes part of no. 1, being nice to yourself, but I felt it was important to mention on its own! A lot of bloggers and YouTubers will have a set schedule, maybe they post every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, but you don't have to do this. If you've got a busy life, then post when you can! Of course, it's going to be more effective and fun for your readers if you can post often but no-ones going to be truly upset with you for having a life!

I hope these few tips can help you out if you're a blogger like me with a very busy and slightly stressful life! I'd love to know what your tips are too!



  1. This is a great post, it makes me feel guilt free if not writing for the whole weeks because of busy schedule. Hey we need a time to relax and planning right? Cant agree more with this and thank you!

    Visit me here : The Hundred Pages

    1. Yeah definitely, it can feel like life vs. blogging but you can do both at your own pace!
      Thank you for reading!


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