20 content creators that inspire me: lifestyle, fashion & creativity

Hello! Today I'm sharing 20 of my biggest inspirations when it comes to online content creators. There's a range of bloggers, YouTubers and a few Instagrammers too. I split them up into Lifestyle, Beauty, Fashion and Creative creators so you find people to suit your tastes easily.

1. Haley Ciaro

Haley Ciaro's YouTube channel is a fairly new find for me, but I'm absolutely loving her content and can't get enough of her positive energy and genuinely helpful advice for organisation, health and life in general. 

2. Muchelle B

Muchelle is a lifestyle content creator, making videos on self-discovery and minimalism. She's like a free YouTube version of a life coach, always handing out life advice in the form of videos. Her videos inspire and motivate me whenever I'm feeling a little fed up or tired in general, and she's one of those YouTubers that are great to watch in the background whilst tidying or doing housework too. She also has a second channel called, 'Channel Notes' filled with great YouTuber advice!

3. Aileen Xu

Aileen at 'Lavendaire' is a YouTuber similar to Muchelle B, making great advice videos with advice and motivation. She also talks about beauty, journalling and has a great blog filled with lifestyle blog posts and advice, too!

4. Samantha Maria

Samantha Maria, formerly known as 'Beauty Crush' is the one out of the Lifestyle selection here that I have watched for the longest time. She's so beautiful, sweet and truly honest about her life, and her content is really refreshing to watch. She still talks about beauty and fashion, but her vlogs are now what I watch the most out of her content. She talks about juggling life being both a parent and online blogger.

5. Claire Michelle

Claire Michelle makes beautiful film/documentary-style videos about life, love and art. She has an extraordinary view on the world and has some amazingly positive thoughts that she shares with the world through her YouTube videos. Her videos are definitely worth watching!


1. Nina Webb

Nina Webb is a fashion and lifestyle blogger, she has an interesting take on fashion. Her outfits are completely wearable but she looks simply stunning in every photo. She talks about how to wear certain types of clothing and has some great lifestyle related posts too. Definitely worth a read!

2. Kayla Hadlington

Kayla Hadlington is a fashion blogger I've read for years and years. She was one of the main bloggers that really inspired me to feel confident enough to wear clothing that makes me happy, and her blog is just amazing for pink/kawaii-style outfit photography. 

3. Amy Roiland

Amy Roiland is a fashion blogger over at 'A Fashion Nerd', her style is alternative and quirky. Her style emulates through her photography and I just fall in love with every new outfit post she puts up!

4. Luanna Perez-Garreaud

Luanna's one of those content creators that you probably have only not heard of if you're completely new to the online fashion world. She posts incredible photos of her gorgeous outfits every single day to Instagram and her blog is just a fashion-lovers dream! She also talks about lifestyle and beauty which is also a recommended read!

5. Ellen V Lora


Ellen V Lora is a style blogger I found on Instagram. Her style is just amazing, with usually a limited colour palette and truly gorgeous pieces. The photography on her blog is notable too!


1. Fleur De Force

You're probably pretty new to the beauty blogging world if you haven't heard of Fleur De Force before, I've been watching for years now and whereas I feel as though I've 'grown out of' a lot of the bigger beauty influencers, I still really love her content. She writes about beauty, fashion and lifestyle over on her blog, and has a great YouTube channel too. 

2. Shannon Harris aka 'shaaanxo'


This is another huge member of the beauty influencer world, but someone else I've been watching for years and still enjoy just as much as I did when I first found her. She seems so genuine and lovely but also has amazing talent. I first found her channel through her being so open about her acne and how she covers it as well as skincare advice, but even her 'get ready with me' videos are still fun and interesting to watch, and, well, we share the same name too!

3. Linda Hallberg


Linda Hallberg is a Swedish beauty influencer, her blog is filled with simply gorgeous photographs of products, true swatches and her amazing talent for makeup itself. I'm blown away by every post this girl makes on her blog, and she writes in both Swedish and English which I think is really great. Her Instagram @LindaHallberg is really gorgeous too!

4. Kaytee Ellen

Kaytee is a professional makeup artist, she posts very regularly on both Instagram and YouTube, showing off her picture-perfect makeup looks. She uses cruelty-free makeup too so her work and reviews are definitely worth reading if that's something you're interested in! Her makeup looks are completely different to most beauty influencers so if you like something more alternative, she's your girl.

5. Ash aka 'Atleeeey'

This is another gorgeous content creator who shows her amazing makeup skills on both YouTube and Instagram. She has a great combination of really 'out there' makeup looks and more wearable but alternative makeup looks too.


1. Emily Fisher

Emily Fisher at Mermaid Gossip is a creative content creator that I've watched for quite some time now. She makes videos on a lot of different genre's including beauty, fashion, lifestyle, alongside home DIY tutorials and advice for bloggers. There's always something new going on between her Youtube channel, blog and phone app, and she has the most vivid and colourful style ever. 

2. Roxanne/By Bun

By Bun is one of my favourite YouTubers to watch while I'm doing my work at home. She had a great positive attitude towards everything, has a great music taste and knows how to make vlogs beautiful and interesting to watch. If you're an artist, or interested in art, I'd definitely recommend her channel!

3. Holly Exley

Holly Exley is one of my all-time favourite YouTubers. I remember watching her first few videos and haven't stopped watching since. She's an illustrator living in England, like I am, so watching her working always motivates me to get my own work done. She's also so talented that it's amazing to watch her handpainted illustrations come to life.

4. Happy D. Artist

Happy D. Artist is an incredibly talented oil painter, she does speedpainting and talks often about being a freelance artist and tips to do so. She has some really helpful and inspirational videos on her YouTube account and amazing paintings too.

5. Sha'an d'Anthes

I've only been watching this girls videos for a short amount of time, but her enthusiam and positive energy really shows through her videos making them really entertaining to watch. She's another talented illustrator who shares her work through YouTube videos alongside other creative videos too.

Hope you enjoyed reading this and I hope you found a few new people to read or watch online. I'd love to do another post in this style but with smaller content creators, so let me know if you'd like to see that!


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