December Style Wish List 2017

My style has always been a bit of combination of pretty plain, essential pieces and weird, colourful and a little bit odd items of clothing. There's nothing more I love than something a little bit 'out there' and faux fur is one of my all-time favourites. Of course, I have the items that a safe, like a plain black faux fur coat, but a bright and colourful one is what would make me the happiest for sure. I absolutely adore this pink fur coat from Topshop and would definitely be adding this to my basket if I could afford to spend £79 on myself around this time of year! A smaller and a cheaper fur item I loved from Topshop was this adorable pink makeup bag that would totally look like a tiny suspicious creature laying in your handbag. - I love it!

Another accessory from Topshop is this lovely little sequin scrunchie which I thought would just be lovely for the festive season. It's not too festive, but definitely festive enough to bring a smile to your face and get into the Christmas spirit! Although I will be doing another 'Festive Wish List' pretty soon, so keep your eyes out for that!

Accessorize are now doing their 'New Vintage Collection', a collection of jewellery pieces designed to look just like the vintage jewellery pieces I'm sure we've all seen before. I think this beautiful beetle brooch would be something perfect for all ages, young and old, I know I think it's completely gorgeous!

Onto the more essential wardrobe items, I found a few that really caught my eye this month and I'm really loving. The first one I'm going to talk about is the black 'baker boy' hat that a lot of bloggers seem to rocking at the minute. I don't own one of these as of yet but I'm pretty sure I'm going to pick one up soon! I love the style of these and I'm hoping they look good on my abnormally huge head... I guess we'll soon see!

I've been looking for a straightforward, green handbag for a while now and I think this barrel bag from Accessorize would be the gorgeous fit! For a small bag, you can get a lot inside a barrel bag so I feel this would be perfect for those lecture days when I don't have too much to take in. Although I'd still was a bigger sized green handbag to match!

The last item on my wishlist was the brown BooHoo chunky heeled boots from Asos. They have a lovely tassle zip and they look so comfy! - Although, with my feet, they're probably not. They're only £25 too which I thought was a great buy for a staple piece!

Hope you enjoyed seeing my style wish list for December, I'm looking forward to writing a few more of these in the future as it's been a while!

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