What was in my first ever make up bag?

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Hello! I'd really love to do some kind of series of blog posts aimed at beauty beginners and young people who are starting to experiment with and buy their first pieces of makeup, so I thought I'd start by talking about the makeup items inside the very first makeup bag that I owned.

Of course, I played with toy makeup and free makeup I got in magazines when I was young, I remember obsessing over a two-in-one clear lipgloss/mascara thing when I was in primary school that I wore every single day and thought it made me look amazing. I'd also used a foundation from Avon, and a 'Natural Collection' concealer from Boots, but when I was around 12, my mum bought me a new makeup bag filled with a few 'real' makeup products. Beauty and makeup wasn't a huge thing online like it is now, so my mum didn't really have anyone to turn to while choosing what to put into my mini-collection, but I think she did a pretty good job at shopping for a beginner!

1. Rimmel London 'Stay Matte' Liquid Foundation, £6.49

As I mentioned, this wasn't my first ever foundation, but my first ever decent one with at least a bit of coverage. I remember it drying almost like powder, and often oxidised before I even knew what oxidising foundation meant. I haven't even thought about this foundation in so long, and I doubt I'd ever really try it again now. 

2. Rimmel London 'Stay Matte' Powder Foundation, £3.99

The famous, 'Stay Matte' powder foundation seems to still be seen quite often on beauty blogs and has been for as long as I can remember. I've tried other powders but I always go straight back to this. I have found that some more expensive powders do work better, but it's such a great price for something that works, well.

3. Technic 'Six Nudes' Eyeshadow Palette, £2.25 

This was one I was actually quite surprised about to see that is still being sold! I still use some of Technic's products, including the 'Electric Beauty' eyeshadow palette, (which I reviewed here), but the shadows in the 'Six Nudes' weren't the best. The colours were gorgeous, but the pigment wasn't too strong and they didn't last too long at all. It was perfect for me still being in school as I couldn't 'accidentally' create a dramatic eye-look when I wasn't really allowed to wear makeup at all in school. For the price, I reckon it's not a bad deal for a beginner, but I wouldn't use the same palette now.

4. Rimmel 'Exaggerate' Liquid Eyeliner, £5.29

I used this eyeliner for years after I got it in my first makeup bag. It was pretty good in all honesty, my only real issue was that it was more difficult to use than my more expensive liners now. But I'd still claim it was one of the best drugstore liquid eyeliners, by far. The colour was an intense black and didn't fade, although it did dry quite thick and gloopy and had a tendency to flake off at times. It's not a bad product, but you would need to keep it in your handbag for touch-ups.

5. Rimmel 'Scandal Eyes' Kohl Eyeliner, £3.99

This is another one by Rimmel London, similar to the 'Stay Matte' powder foundation, that I actually still like. In my teenage years when drugstore makeup was all I bought, I'd find it so difficult to find anything that worked as well as this pencil eyeliner did. It works, for a start, which is good for pencil eyeliners on the cheaper side. It's an intense black colour and lasts throughout the day. Nothing bad to say about this one, really!

6. Natural Collection 'Moisture Shine' Lipstick

This was of course when Natural Collection products were only £1.99 in Boots and had fairly nice looking packaging. The packaging always fell apart, the sticks of products broke off in the first use and even when they worked, the product was always a bit crap, but I loved it. I used to use the shade, 'Rose Bud' which was pretty much identical to my lip colour which meant I could get away with wearing it at my school. I wouldn't buy this now, even just to try out because I definitely don't think it was ever worth the money, and I doubt they've improved much even though the price has gone up.

I hope you enjoyed reading about the few products in my first ever makeup bag, I'd quite like to repurchase the products on here that I don't still use and do an up to date review and to see if any of them have improved or see how my opinions have changed since using a whole range of different products and brands. Look out for further posts about beginner-friendly makeup if you or someone you know could benefit from them! 


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