Gift ideas all under £15 this Christmas

Christmas has always been the expensive time of year, but it doesn't have to be! Sometimes the smaller and quirkier gifts are the ones that are remembered, so here's a few that I think would be perfect for all different personalities and humour. Hopefully, these will help you find something new to buy for your loved ones for a little cheaper too. 

I loved this little 'resting bitch face' pocket mirror as a small novelty gift or stocking filler, I'd 100% buy it if the only person I knew with RBF wasn't myself! Could make a great little present for your siblings or best mate, and I know it'd always bring a smile to my face whenever I found this in my bag!

'Capture Your Style' Book by Aimee Song, Topshop £10

'Capture Your Style' is the first ever how-to Instagram style book, written by fashion blogger, Aimee Song. It was the New York Time's bestseller and gives some great tips on building your brand and becoming a better style Instagrammer! The perfect gift for girls (or guys!) online!

Christmas Penguin Socks, Topshop £3.50

I couldn't do a mini gift guide without mentioning some adorable socks. I love having lovely new socks at Christmas time and the more cute characters, the better! They also do other little Christmas characters so if you know someone who would love these, they're definitely worth a look! 

Silver Chrome Oyster Card Holder, Topshop £6

Little, useful organisation gifts are always great to receive and the perfect gift for someone who travels often. I don't live in London but I have two separate travel cards I have to use for my daily commute so I'd love to receive this at Christmas time - I might even have to buy one for myself!

Haynes Manual on Marriage, Next £8

The quirky Famous Five and Ladybird books were really popular last year but here's a new one I haven't yet seen before: The Haynes Manual on Marriage. I reckon this would be the perfect gift for the bloke in a marriage as they're often the hardest to buy for!

Brass Wire Initial, Next £6

I see a lot of gifts with Initials engraved on them, but I really loved this piece from Next. It's the brass wire 3D initial which I think would be a statement piece that could suit everyone. It's a really great price too, in my opinion! 

Pink Marble Infusing Water Bottle, Topshop £12

This is the only item on the list that costs over £10 in this little gift guide and something a little unusual I'd say for a Christmas list. It's very ...practical, but I still think it's absolutely gorgeous and a great gift that they'll use again and again! It probably wouldn't be my first thought when thinking, 'what should I buy __', but I'd actually really appreciate a gift like this myself!

Beard Lights, Next £9

These beard lights made me smile so much when I saw them, and I don't even know anyone with a beard long enough to use them! I feel like this would be a perfect novelty present for any beardie and they're not too expensive either!

Wooden-Look Phone Sound Box, Topshop £10

This is one of those cheaper gifts that seems a little nicer, a wooden-look phone sound box from Topshop. It's one of those little gadgets that are a little different and great fun to play with on Christmas day! This could also be a great alternative to buying someone a bluetooth speaker if they live in a flat, shared housing or university halls!

So that's it for my own little Christmas guide this year, I hope that gave you a few ideas! I tried to go for things that weren't too obvious - except for the socks, but who doesn't love socks?! I'd love to know some of your not so obvious Christmas gift ideas too!


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