3 blog posts I read (& loved) this week

I've been reading blogs every day for around 10 years now and after seeing so many incredibly talented writers and content creators, I really wanted a way to support them in more ways than just retweeting their promotional tweets. I asked on Twitter whether my readers would prefer a list of blogs or a regular blog post series with posts I've been loving recently, and the outcome was for both! So that's what I'm working on as of now, and here's my recent favourites!

by Corinne at SkinnedCarTree

It's been eight years this Summer that I've been blogging, and I've learnt a lot in that time. Quality vs. quantity is one of them. When I first started, I was so focused on posting every day, that I often sacrificed the writing - and that's not why I write. Corinne sums it up perfectly in this post, with some great advice for bloggers, new or experienced!

by Career Contessa at Cupcakes and Cashmere

"What's a mid-life crisis called in your twenties? Because I think I'm having that." - I asked a few months ago on Twitter, and the blog, Cupcakes and Cashmere, is here at my rescue! She offered some great tips for people that are experiencing some kind of blocked road or rut! Great tips to keep in mind for general wellness and productivity too.

by Abbie at SmallBeauty

This is one I feel was really important to read about with the current heatwave in the UK! I have the type of skin that the sun just has no impact on; I don't usually burn or tan - my mum always said I was so pale, I reflected it. This has often meant suncare is something I don't always think about. But here, Abbie, share's her top products for spending time in the sun, and I think it's a important read!

I hope you enjoyed reading these, and I'd love to hear some of your recent favourite blog posts too!


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