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When I was first diagnosed, as dramatic as it sounds, I felt like my life was over. I was in the worst place both mentally and physically, for me, and it felt as though I'd lost any enjoyment from life. It's been less than a year, and even so, thanks to my family and medical professionals, my outlook is completely different.

So I thought I would share seven hobbies that I did both before and after being very ill with my condition. I can't do all of these things everyday, but I'm starting to understand and listen to my body properly; and that means that I still can.

Makeup & Beauty

Makeup and skincare has been something I've loved since the very first time my mum let me try on her Maybelline Lip Stain as a child and I used to ask her to put my long, thick, masses of hair in teeny-tiny plaits so it looked like it was crimped for school the next day, and I can remember putting my hair in styles that my mum often looked at me like I was crazy. Then when I received my first paycheck, I treated myself with a huge haul of makeup products I'd wanted and loved the look of for years, and it was like a dream come true. 

But between the pain of lifting my arms or the Chronic Fatigue, doing my makeup wasn't the same as it used to be. I was starting to swap a full face of makeup for a general coverage of my skin issues and filling in my eyebrows. But I have finally gotten to the stage where I can enjoy makeup again. I can't overdo it or create experimental artwork-style makeup everyday, but that's fine! Now I'd just love to improve on my makeup photography skills.

Fashion & Clothing Design

A few years ago, I studied Textiles and Printmaking in college and absolutely loved it! I didn't make clothing all too often, and I never have for myself, since all the forms there were a size 12 and non-adjustable. But since then I've continued to draw clothing styles and accessories to try out one day. I mentioned over on Instagram that I now have my sewing machine fixed, and a brand new adjustable form, so watch this space!


Illustration is a little more than a hobby to me, it's the subject I study at university, and what I hope to be my full-time job one day. But it's still something that I am completely passionate about both work-wise and in my free time! 

I'm currently putting all my attention into my brand new Etsy shop. Since finding a job when you can't do much at all physically is proving very, very difficult, I've decided to open myself up to start selling my illustration work alongside future projects, crafts and paintings. I'll leave the link below so you take a look if you like, and I'd really appreciate for you to share or give my tweet a retweet too to get it out there a little more!

Find it here!


Writing is something I've always done since I was really young. I wanted to be an author growing up, and now I illustrate for work. My absolute dream would be to both write and illustrate a book! From seven years old I had my own websites. One where I embedded online games for girls that aren't the usual pink, sparkly, dress-up games, and one where I shared photos of myself after my mum had done my hair or makeup in different hairstyles - people found it strange at the time, but I guess I never grew out of that one...

Just over a year ago now, I started this blog, Inasense Beauty. I wanted to write about more affordable makeup, skincare and how to avoid fast fashion - things that I'm passionate about! More recently, I've wanted to write about life with chronic illness' in the hope that I can help or inspire other people in similar situations. Writing has become a nice escape for me, especially since starting my, Fibromyalgia Diaries series, and finding others online sharing their experiences with it. 


My dream when I was younger was to travel as much as I could, at one point I even wanted to take a few years out to travel around France after I'd gotten my bike licence. Since my mobility was getting so awful, I assumed I would never be able to travel again, but that's not entirely true. I still got the opportunity to go on my dream holiday to Germany - yes, I was in a lot of pain, and my boyfriend had to piggyback me round Berlin for an entire day, but it happened!

I recently spoke to a friend who said she has found that she can take her wheelchair on holiday, and if she uses that mid-way through the day for a few hours, that prevents her from having to use it for a few full days towards the end. That made me feel a little more confident about travelling more one day.

It's also made me want to travel around the UK much more. It can much easier, cheaper and more relaxing since having mobility issues so it's a win, really.

Meeting & caring for animals

I was always a dog lover, but since getting my beautiful little rescue dog, my love for caring for animals really grew. He needed a lot of care and attention when he first came to us, but he's such a caring, lovely pup now. Seeing the change in him has really inspired how I'd like to look after animals in the future. I'd love to have a range of different rescue animals, although I know that might me unrealistic... For now, I love looking after Dex and going to the local city farm!

A post shared by Shannon Woodfield (@inasensebeauty) on

A post shared by Shannon Woodfield (@inasensebeauty) on

Crafting & Making

Making smaller craft pieces is something that I used to absolutely love, but over the years I lost my connection to it. I've recently started doing cross-stitch and embroidery again to relax. I hate not having something to do with my hands so it's perfect in the evening watching tv or as a wind-down before I go to sleep. I reckon making crafty do-it-yourself type blog posts would be pretty fun to do too one day!

Here's a few of the hobbies I've continued whilst having Fibromyalgia, CFS and Chronic Migraines. Of course, they're not things I can do at all times, like before, but it's been important for me to either continue or revive these hobbies to refrain from sitting around and not getting on with anything. I know for some people, finding hobbies they enjoy and can still do can be really difficult, but I hope it can give you some inspiration if you're looking some more to get started on!

Thanks for reading, I'd love to hear what hobbies you can continue to do now whether you've had an injury or live with chronic illness, so feel free to comment down below - you can even comment anonymously if you'd like!



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