8 handbags I'm in love with this season

Confession. I'm a handbag hoarder. I have so many handbags, I don't even have the time or purpose to use each of them for what I would call, an adequate amount of time. But still, I'm always on the lookout for more. I tend to go back and forth on tastes and styles, but I'm loving the girly, Summer style that seems to be across the High Street right now. I'm in luck, so here's a few I love! 

Starting off, is this gorgeous suede grey satchel bag. I think it's the perfect level of simple but with a classic feel to it. I think I could easily own this bag in every single colour if the others weren't sold out!

Since women's clothes hardly ever have pockets in, at least one tiny little bag that simply holds your phone and wallet are necessary in the summer, in my opinion. While looking for a more chic version of a bum bag, I found this adorable envelope belt bag from New Look. I'm in love with this cute little guy; I put it on my birthday wish list and my Aunty gave me the most metallic gift of the year so far. (It also comes in Rose Gold, if that's more your colour!)

Silver Metallic Envelope Belt Bag | New Look | £12.99

I'm absolutely in love with this brown, leather bag from River Island. It feels like the staple bag that I don't have yet, and it'd look perfect in the summer with a plain, white shirt and denim jeans. It's the perfect size for a few essentials for a trip to the shops or morning lectures. It also comes in suede in black, brown and yellow, but I love brown leather version.

Brown Cross Body Bag | £32.00 | River Island

Here's a cute little bit satchel bag from Accessorize in Next right now, I thought this would be the perfect bag for work or school. It's not overly big, but has enough room for your books, purse and headphones. It also comes in a range of colours if you're not a fan of light pink!

Pink Nikki Backpack | £32 | Next

This is a bag I think is gorgeous for university. It's simple, fashionable and a little more casual or sporty for a little change. Almost all of my handbags are the traditional leather, fashionable handbag so I think it'd be great to have something a little more relaxed. I feel as though this would be a great alternative for a tote as a shopping bag, or as an 'overflow bag' when there's not enough room in your main handbag.

I am so in love with this handbag, and was not expecting something so chic and expensive-looking for such an affordable price. I'm still umming and ahhing on whether I want to nab this one or not!

Camel Top Handle Winged Tote Bag | New Look | £19.99

This one's a little different and it was one I was slightly on the fence about to start with, but I really love the contrast between the grey suede, check pattern and this gorgeous mustard colour fur accessory. It's on the pricier side, for £42, but I feel as though it's something I don't see all too often. This bag has the opportunity to be loud with a simple outfit, but still stay cohesive with a bolder outfit, too.

Grey Check Gold Tone Handle Slouch Bag | River Island | £42.00 


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