Are you tracking your progress? Free monthly reflection printable for bloggers

Tracking your progress is a huge step to success for bloggers. After monitoring this progress on Microsoft Excel sheets for a long time, I finally got to making my own printable monthly tracker sheet that I can fill out with more than just the numbers. After all, self-reflection is so important for motivation, passion and results. Strangely, I haven't set 'goals' before, as much as just writing for the love of writing - but it's time I started. Even already, these goals have been something that has plunged me forward into working much harder and even enjoying what I'm doing more so - who knew?! (Probably everyone but me, I know).

This is where my work as a Graphic Designer has come to play. But I don't want others to not have the same worksheets just because they don't study design or don't have time with their busy schedules. So I've decided to share my worksheet, 'Monthly Reflection' with you as a free printable PDF.

I think positive reflection is a great step to success, rather than focusing on what didn't work, I encourage myself to reflect on what did work, and what I enjoyed. Sometimes, my true passion shows through and my favourite to write was also my most successful - but other times, that's just not going to be the case. I'm not going to feel guilty about writing about a topic that doesn't bring in traffic like something else might, because at the end of the day, I've got to love what I do - but what can I do to make it more entertaining or useful for my readers?! 

I would love to whether you're using this or not and how this planner helped you! Is there anything you would add, change or remove?! Would you like to see more free resources here on Inasense Beauty in the future? Thank you for reading, and I hope you got something useful from this!



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