How to make your perfect bucket list (with ideas)

What are you already planning this year, are you going to get married? Planning a life-dream holiday or quitting your job to pursue a career in something creative? 

Maybe you just want a happy and fun-filled year after a long and stressful 2018.

Here I'm going to show you how to put together your personal, perfect bucket list for this year:

A few tips to start 

      - Remember to stay realistic when it comes to time, money and resources.
      - Make sure it suits you, but it's great to step out of your comfort zone.
      - If you don't have much spare money - try going by 'little and often'

At Home

Bucket lists often tend to be revolved around things that long-term, would cost a lot of money, but I'm sure there are plenty of things you've been wanting to do at home for a long time. This year is going to be the year you do them!

      - Take part in a reading challenge
      - Watch all the movies you've wanted to watch for years
      - Learn to play a new instrument
      - Publish a short story online
      - Make a photo album with all your favourite photos
      - Buy something handmade online
      - Paint something
      - Cut or dye your hair something completely different
      - Make some jewellery for your family and friends
      - Learn to cook a new meal and invite your family to try it out
      - Foster or adopt an animal
      - Start journaling

In your local area

Similarly, a lot of happiness and motivation comes by getting out in your local area. Whether you're going out for a pamper session or making a difference to less-fortunate people in your area, here's a list of ways to start!

      - Take a tour of your local libraries
      - Volunteer somewhere locally
      - Go to gig (music, comedy)
      - Go zip-lining
      - Watch an outdoor movie
      - Buy coffee for a stranger
      - Get a tattoo
      - Film a vlog and upload it to YouTube
      - Join a book club
      - Join a class at your local college, town hall or library
      - Go for a spa day or massage
      - Get a manicure or pedicure
      - Go to a local sanctuary and feed the animals
      - Explore your local area - where haven't you seen before?
      - Take part in a charity run, walk or marathon
      - Learn how to drive
      - Go dirt biking or dirty buggying
      - Go to a waterpark


Travelling is the biggie when it comes to bucket lists. Everyone has their one dream destination where ever it is in the world. Think about the places you might like to go, or things you'd like to do. Travelling doesn't have to mean two weeks on some beautiful, sunny island - travel around your home country, travel to places you loved as a child, or places your dog would love to visit. Travel with your partner, friends, a loved pet, or even test yourself by going on a weekend away with a family member you don't keep in touch with as well as you should.

      - Go on a designated walk
      - Explore a city you've never been to
      - Go camping
      - Begin to learn a new language
      - Travel by a route you're not used to - plane, train, eurostar, car.
      - Find somewhere beautiful to take photos
      - Go to a country you've never been to
      - Ride in a hot air balloon
      - Go on a boat ride
      - Travel somewhere difficult to get to - 6 separate trains and two buses? Give it go!
      - Take some disposable cameras on holiday with you and use as many shots as you can

Want to see mine?

I'd love to see yours, too. Send me yours in the comments or through Twitter @inasensebeauty Let's see how many you tick off!


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