Tips for giving your blog a little spring clean

Despite popular belief, being a blogger in 2019 is still a lot of work. Keeping your blog fresh is just one of the many things you need to do in order to keep traffic driving and returning to your website. Here I'll give you a few tips for your next spring clean and beyond.

Read older blog posts with a fresh new eye

Sometimes I get so used to seeing a blog post only as the title after sharing it a few times on Twitter or talking about it in conversation, I forget the full content inside the post. I know the topic is something I'm passionate about, but looking over with fresh new eyes really can be a great help for editing, and also to help track your progress.

Experimenting with your blog photography

I have both studied photography in college, and been writing for blogs for about seven years now, but blog photography is still not a strong point of mine. Experimenting with different styles, settings, layouts, grids, filters - it's always good to keep trying new things, even if you were pretty happy with your current work! If there any older, (or upcoming!) posts you feel that photo just doesn't feel right. Change it up. It'll be fun, and your blog will get a fresh new update.

Update your about me page

Strangely enough, your 'about me' section of your blog, says a lot about you. Even if you haven't written much there at all. This section of your blog should be short, snappy and exuberate confidence. Do you have a photo of yourself? A contact email? What about a link to your portfolio? Some of these things would seem incredibly simple, but you'll be surprised at the difference a good about page, and a bad one makes.

Add in links to newer (related) blog posts into your old ones!

One of the most well-known ways to drive traffic to older blog posts, is to add in links of articles that relate to the one you're currently writing. That way, if a reader loves your style and/or advice, they also might be interested in other similar work of yours. But there's no reason why you can't add these in later too. Especially early on, there are going to be blog posts that would be perfect to link to, but are still on your writing to-do list. My advice would be to check over older titles and subgenres to create more chance of a reader sticking around on your blog.

You can also set in links to your most recent giveaway. Especially consider adding the link to your most read or currently popular blog posts, but of course, into older posts that it might relate to too.

Double check all the links are working

Maybe you've updated your domain name, changed your Twitter handle or somehow a misdirected link in hiding in your blog posts. It's great housekeeping to go back and check out those blog posts before losing the benefits of including those links in the first place.

This is also applicable when you have outdated freebies, or links that direct to external pages that may have been changed or deleted without your knowledge.

Remake pins to something you can reshare

Pinterest is a great way of getting traffic through to your blog, but it requires a lot of sharing and work. Newly designed pins for the same blog posts can one of those little tricks to get more traffic through to your blog. It's also worth trying out different styles to see which ones are responded to the most - it might surprise you!

Find motivation from older work

Many bloggers tend to dip in and out of blogging in their first few years, if not for longer. But what is it that hinders blog writers in their initial motivation? I feel as though we've all had this at some point in our blog career - you start off feeling inspired to write more than your little fingers can even type, watching them run around the keyboard like the tasmanian devil, until one day - work is busy, the housework has built up and you can't mentally take any more time out this week. It then adds up to a few weeks, maybe even longer.

One tip I've found useful, is to find inspiration from older blog posts. Looking back through your work, writing down the titles of your most popular articles, and the ones you enjoyed writing the most, (even if it wasn't overly successful at all). Cross-reference these and find the similarities. Maybe you loved the style of writing that flowed out of you that day, maybe you look the ideas that even help your future self when you read it back. It doesn't matter what i is, but if you want to get back on the blogging-train, you need to find what you're truly passionate about - and target it.

Is there something to learn from this?

If anything at all, I'd say, don't put too much pressure on yourself and your blog. Of course, you want it to be perfect, from the copy and photography to the SEO and the perfect Pinterest image. But at the end of the day, you're always growing, learning and figuring out new ways of doing things - don't let worry slow you down. Especially since you can update older work as many times as you like.

How often should you doing your blog spring clean?

Honestly, it's up to you. It's dependent on a lot of things that all relate back to you, or your writers if there are multiple. Do you have someone to check over your work already? Are your readers likely to tell you when a link is broken? Are you trying to hit a certain goal within a timeframe?

I spring clean mine every three months or so. I think that gives me time to look back with new ideas and outlook, but often enough to make a difference if there any fixes that need to be made.



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