7 Instagram accounts every parent should be following in 2019!

I've spoken about it a few times on Twitter recently, but over time, I've just fallen out of love with Instagram. I stopped using it at all for around a year, not seeing the point in it since the new algorithm came into place and pretty much blocked me off from seeing any of the Instagram accounts I really enjoyed following.

More recently, I've found it 10x more interesting, since coming across parenting bloggers (while being pregnant). I found like-minded people that don't bother Photoshopping their selfies to the hills or post sunny, beautiful travel shots all year round like they live off an on-going lottery fund. 

Normal people, with normal lives and bloody beautiful children! I compiled a list of my favourites and wanted to share them here with you!

1. Lucie Herridge

Lucie Herridge from 'Lucie and the Bump', is a blogger and vlogger from the UK. She talks about food, fashion and parenting, alongside videos dedicated to her little boy, Harry, who has a cochlear implant.

Her page consists of beautifully curated images of Lucie, life and the kids. I love her Instagram so much because she doesn't lose the personality from her photos even though they're absolutely stunning!

2. Louise Pentland

Louise, formerly known as 'Sprinkle of Glitter' is a British YouTuber and writer. I've been a subscriber to her YouTube channel since around 2012-times. She is now the UK's No. 1 Parenting vlogger and a No.1 Best-Selling Author in the Times.

Her Instagram page is filled with daily life, days-out and adorable photos of her, and her two daughters, Darcy and Pearl.

3. Rebecca Meldrum

Rebecca is a parenting YouTuber from Scotland. Her photos are just absolutely, bloody gorgeous and her family are too! Every photo she posts looks like she has a little photographer following her around, but with the genuine smiles and insights to her life that so many bloggers are missing. 

4. Neram Nimindé

Neram is a doula and mum of three, living in Columbia. I seriously cannot get over how beautiful and caring this woman is. Sharing photos of herself, her babies and her work, her feed is just so different from other mum-Instagrammers I've found and that is so refreshing!

5. Nilly Dahlia

Nilly is a British Turkish/Bengali parenting YouTuber. She started sharing her life online after struggling to find other Muslim mums online! 

Her feed feels very real, sharing snapshots of her life and kids. She hides the faces of her older kids too which I like, simply because I want keep the privacy of my kids when they're older too!

6. Jodie Izzo

Jodie is a mum of four and vlogger. Her videos range from cleaning, cooking and parenting tips. Her Instagram page is a mix between family snapshots and pictures of Jodie on her current curly girl method journey!

7. Micah Quinones

Life With Micah is an Instagram ran by her parents, posed as Micah, the baby model with Down's Syndrome and Autism. Her page is filled with absolutely adorable photos of Micah and definitely worth the follow for your daily dose of cuteness!


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