11 questions to ask yourself when writing a blog post

You might be a new writer, have been blogging for years or are still waiting to publish your first blog post; whatever stage you're at, it's never too late to keep learning how to step up your game and improve your writing skills. 

For me, this happened when I started writing more comprehensive and detailed drafts of my thoughts and ideas. I did this by setting myself up a short list of questions to answer every single time I draft a blog post, and here they are:

Before writing your draft

     - what do I want to say with this blog post?
     - what insight do I have about this topic?
     - what could I achieve with this blog post?
     - what are my main topic points?

While writing your draft

     - who is my reader / audience?
     - can I write this effectively right now? (should I have more experience in x? will I know more about this in x time?)
     - is this blog post relevant to my blog? (should this be a guest post elsewhere?)

After writing your first draft

     - who am I marketing this blog post to?
     - how will I attract those readers? are those my usual readers?
     - what imagery would be fitting for this blog post?
     - how will I promote this blog post?

If you're the blogger tapping away at your desk wondering where to start with a comprehensive draft, hopefully this will help! 

I've found this system works for different topics and situations simply because it forces me to figure out exactly why I'm writing it and who for. This helps in general with tone, personality and even what photograph and images I should be using.

I'd love to hear if you've tried out my process and found it helpful - let me know on Twitter or Instagram @inasensebeauty!


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